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Hiring Profile Search Merged

Current search feature only looks at the HP title and not the description - this limits what appears.

The attached OJP Locator was built by Micah to help internals understand which jobs share the same profiles. This helps our internal folks know when to add use existing profiles in a client account. It may be a useful reference to look at when trying to update the hiring profile workflow.

  • Olivia Salas
  • Aug 8 2017
  • Plan to Build
Proposed Solution to the Problem

Need to enhance the search feature to search the entire definition and not just the title.

Clients/Prospects Who've Reported the Issue (If applicable)

This is a client set up problem right now (as no clients have access yet) - we have to refer to an excel doc where we can do a full search

  • Admin
    Andrew D'Agostino commented
    November 14, 2017 19:46

    Larger hiring profile Issue