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Test Candidate for Every Job

Right now we need to manually add a candidate to a job for training purposes with new clients.  Really would like to have a set candidate in place for every new account/job.  Also need a way to delete/archive these candidates so they do not impact Analytics.

  • Olivia Salas
  • Aug 9 2017
  • Future consideration
Proposed Solution to the Problem

Create a 'Suzanne Example" option and a way to remove from analytics

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  • Victoria Rose commented
    August 14, 2018 15:55

    Hey y'all - I am adding some additional context to this request as its impacting client implementations and also impacting Reseller/Partner workflows for demoing and understanding the system. It would be GREAT if there was a default Test Candidate or "Susie Example" available in production when accounts or jobs are created, as otherwise the CSM/CSA/Client/Reseller/Partner has to take the assessment to add a test candidate for demo or training purposes. 

    This also causes some cumbersome client requests later to "remove" the candidate or "change the name", which is both undesirable and causes work from T2 to change candidate name. Have listed some clients/partners/resellers this has impacted more recently below but know its likely impacting others :): 


    • Merit America 
    • Leadership Development Worldwide
    • CMP

    Direct Clients:

    • BrightEdge Technologies, Inc. 
    • Bethpage Federal Credit Union
    • NGK Ceramics
    • Wm. T. Burnett & Co. / STX

    Resellers - does not impact directly yet as they are in UAT but we also have to add test cases for them there since there is no default example.


    I am happy to provide more details or chat through but wanted to add some additional commentary on this request from Olivia! 

  • Courtney Gear commented
    August 21, 2018 13:25

    Dollar General & CarMax - The only way to ensure everything is appearing as expected in the report is to upload a test candidate; however that option is only available for UAT.  For clients without integrations, we only focus on building PROD accounts and we try not to clutter up PROD accounts with a bunch of test cases.  It would be awesome if Suzanne Example (that's what is available in every account in Assess) could appear so we could ensure everything works as expected!  This came up during the Dollar General & CarMax migrations.